24/7 secure access to medical records in a user-friendly format.


Medzingo keeps your data secure using the latest industry security standards. Medzingo achieves superior levels of security through three levels of protection.

Secure architecture

The Medzingo architecture is constructed using the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions. Our environment is kept secure using a dedicated hardware firewall, a multi-tier architecture, and the latest anti-virus protection kept up-to-date through real-time updates.

Secure authentication and transmission

When you access your Medzingo, we use digital certificate authentication to ensure that you are connecting to our site and your user name and password are not compromised. When you view your Medzingo on-line, the data is transferred using the TLS/SSL 128-bit encryption technology to ensure that your personal data cannot be intercepted during transmission between our server and your personal computer.

Secure just-in-time decryption

Your personal information is always stored in encrypted format, using industry-leading 168-bit Triple DES encryption algorithms. It is decrypted only when you access your Medzingo and only prior to secure transmission using TLS/SSL. This implies that even in the unlikely event that an intruder gains access to our environment, your personal data would not be compromised because it is encrypted.

Who owns my data and who gets to see it?

You own it. If at any time you wish to discontinue service, Medzingo will erase your medical information from its data storage center. Medzingo never shares your personal information with anyone without your prior and explicit consent.