24/7 secure access to medical records in a user-friendly format.

Medzingo Services Overview

Medzingo Online Platform

All the tools you will need to manage your personal health record are at your fingertips. No features are locked, simply create an account and begin to take control of your medical record via our encrypted website.

Medzingo Assistant (premium service)

Medzingo can help you manage your record. Anytime you see a provider and have an update to enter, send it to us and we will promptly add it to your Medzingo online personal health record.

Additionally, Medzingo will check-in with you on 1st of every month to ask if you need to update your record. If you have an update, such as an appointment with a provider, send us the records collected from the appointment and we will enter them for you. We are you virtual assistant!

Medzingo Set-up (premium service)

Get a jump on setting up your Medzingo personal health record. Medzingo can simplify the process by collecting, organizing and entering your records for you.